The young Doll Wiser rescued is now on a journey of her own. She enters the world of Tir Na Nog and learns about life outside of Hunter City. 

She, along with her new caretaker, Dera, a wise guard, Vesh and a Nameless mentor take on the duanting path to becoming the last Guardian.

Book 7: Lightfoot

Character Guide

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On this page, you will find a guide of characters throughout Book 7: Lightfoot. Click the READ MORE button to see full renders and character details.

  • Isul

    The young Doll rescued from Hunter City. She is said to be the last of the Guardians

    IsulHead Shot.png
  • Dera

    The caretaker that adopts Isul.

    Dera young Head Shot.png
  • Ignis Bastet

    Queen of Tir Na Nog, Head of the Rebellion and Leader of the Army of Bast.

  • Alin

    Head of the Queen Guard, Bastet's protector.

    Alin Head Shot (2).png
  • Vesh

    Captain in the Queen's Army. Isul adoptive father.

  • Nameless

    Protector of the plains villages and Isul's mentor.

    Nameless Head Shot.png
  • Shim Head Shot.png


    Isul's neighbor and secret member of the Unmah cult.

  • Senti Head Shot.png


    A Half-Breed that befriended Wiser in Hunter City. She tends to Isul's medical needs.

  • Sela

    A young Half-Breed sent to help Isul but is actually the prince's handmaiden.

  • Shadow Creature Head Shot.png

    Shadow Creature

    Mysterious creatures found in the Abyss and the Void.

  • Duncan

    A Tau Royal. Trainer for the Army of Bast and Isul's mentor.

  • Pel Head Shot.png


    A villager from the plains of Tir Na Nog.

  • Kiplan Head Shot.png


    A villager from the plains of Tir Na Nog.

  • Mallon

    A rogue Hunter, part of Torik's party.

  • Torik

    A rogue Hunter bent on making Isul his primary prey.

  • Yamanu

    Heir to the throne of Nysa. Askelon's grandson.

  • Iko

    A Mafdet trainee.

  • Trit

    Yamanu's Bound. She is a skill darkness user and fellow trainee.

  • Minke

    A Half-Breed trainee. She is loud and complicated but means well.

  • Belenus

    A Half-Breed trainee. He is gentle by nature and kindhearted.

  • Iunu Rastlin

    The prince of Tir Na Nog. He is withdrawn and difficult but highly skilled in combat.

  • Ilay

    A Mafdet trainee. She is shy but gifted in the healing and shield arts.

  • Fen

    A Mafdet trainee in. Although he seldom speaks, he is sought after due to his skill with dual swords.

Book 7: Lightfoot


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Holy smokes!! After reading the first book, Rota Fortunae, I will admit I had some high expectations for the next installment. THESE AUTHORS KNOW HOW TO DELIVER! By telling each story through another character's eyes, they will really have you feeling some type of way about someone, only to have you questioning everything you thought you knew in the next book. Is the bad guy really the good guy? Who gets to decide? Each book gives us a glimpse into another character's soul, as you get to learn their truths, their story, and their interpretation of the whirlwind of events happening around them. I cannot express how unique this series is--it is, literally, other-worldly. It doesn't make you wait too long to see resolutions to the things you want solved, and give you answers to the questions you have, but be warned: you must be skeptical. As in real life, what one character knows to be true may only be true to them, and their knowledge may change with your own as you progress through this exciting series.

I can't wait for Book 3!! Ahh!

Greeeeaaatttt but ok. Book two of a series I already know I'm going to sink hours into as I read every release! More entertaining than Tolkien, Margaret Weiss & George R.R. Martin combined.

I loved the Books. I was sooo curious about Akira & there he was in Book 2 answering some of my questions yet causing new questions to pop up in my head. 
Like a perfect mix of GOT, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Dragon Tattoo, Hunger Games,Clan of the Cave Bear & Dean Spanley etc... . Rota Fortunae & Conundrum provide interesting puzzles for your mind. Like the spinner weaving a web with lots of threads/ideas that you can chose to follow or not. 
There are mirror images, repeated phrases/themes in both books. Not remembering the past, needing to remember/wake up.

It's clear to me that this is just the beginning ...

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