Protectors of the Tainted, Half-Breeds and Rahma

The Rebellion

Fortuna Headshot.png

The Queen of Tir Na Nog, once a lost child herself, Fortuna feels compelled to protect those who need help. She is both kind hearted and callous do to the tragedies she was forced to endure as a child. She is a decisive leader and quick to act when the need arises.

Leader of the Rebellion

Ignis Fortuna

  • Element of Fire
  • The Cat's eye
Nigel Head Shot.png

Aside from being Fortuna's lover, Nigel is secretly the heir to the throne of Rosetau. After fleeing his own kingdom, he took up a life navigating the underground to help others in need. He charming and persuasive but avoid conflict if he can.

Tailor, Lover, Smuggler


  • Element of Sound
  • Design, Sewing and Tailoring

A highly intelligent and resourceful woman. She runs all of the Rebellion's most important missions. She is one of the lost clan of the Si, making her invaluable in more ways than one.

The Si are closely tied to the Voice of the Universe, therefore her participation gives the Rebellion insight at to what the Council may have planned.


 Shai Myrna

  • Weapons expert
  • Element of Earth
  • Element of Water

She looks far younger than she is. Ianthe is one of the last Vem in existence. She is deceivingly small and innocent looking which she uses to her advantage.

With a wide variety of skills at her disposal, she works her magic for the return of the Universal Balance. Her role in the Rebellion is a mystery but there is little doubt that it is significant.

Callidae Remnant

Aeros Ianthe

  • Element of Air
  • Element of Spirit
  • Soul Seeing
  • Foresight

He joined the Rebellion after the brutal murder of his kingdom's King and Queen and took in their son, Nigel, also his cousin, and taught him how to stay hidden within the underground system of Mu. His hopes rest in returning Mu to a safer time and seeing Nigel on the throne of Rosetau as he was meant to be.

Duke of Rosetau


  • Element of Sound
  • Stealth
  • Heightened Strength

The Rebellion's Agenda

     The Rebellion is a newer faction dedicated to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. They have taken an aggressive stance against the Council increasing the tension between the new empire of Mu and the Ancient empire of Thule. 

      They do anything and everything they can to level the playing field and are willing to take tremendous risks in order to achieve results.

They are a cunning and tightly knit team with vast numbers to back them.

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