You are Cruentus Fate, are you not? 

Cruentus Fate, Book 1: Rota Fortunae

Gishian Luna

Gishian Luna

One of the notorious Gishian Twins, child of Queen Gishian Una, ruler of Elysium. She and her brother, Syo, earned a reputation for ruthlessly fighting their way to victory during the Astor Tournament. 

She once tried to coerce Hero to marry her in order to win hers and her brother's freedom from their mother's tyrannical rule. 


  • Blood

  • Water


  • Gishian Una (Mother)

  • Gishian Syo (Twin Brother)

  • Caeles Hero (Distant Cousin) 

  • Gishian Haylel (Unknown)


  • Hydrokinesis

  • Hemokinesis 

  • Archery

  • Fencing

  • Strategy 

  • Assassination 


  • N/A

Character Traits

Likes: fine jewelry, poisonous plants, and ornate daggers

Dislikes: cold weather

Mortal Birthday: N/A

In Their Circle

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Gishian Una


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Caeles Hero


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