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Ain Sonus Figar

A rare, highly destructive vocal weapon. Also known as the "Tocsin's Song" even though it does not always come out in song form.


A gold light, one of the necessary components of all life. Together, with ether, this works as a type of Ethereal Blood. It is most prevalent in the Beyond.


A state in which a returning Ancient recalls their past life or lives. The state of awakening can be dangerous, especially for Dolls or those who carry deep grudges.

The Balance

A structure created by the Grandmaster. The meaning of the Balance changes with each heir but the general idea is that this is the way the Universe must run to be functional and harmonic. During the reign of Bildad, this meant maintaining the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth and having it function with the concept or mortality and fate.


A blue light, one of the necessary components of all life. Together, with anima, this works as a type of Ethereal Blood. It is most prevalent in the Void.


Originally a term created to describe those fallen from the Ethereal Realms. Given that this described everyone at one point, it was eventually used to label those who ‘deviated from the Grandmaster’s teachings.’ Regrettably, this is often misused to label those who have lost their Bound and survived.


A broken piece of the Universe, caused by a superior being, such a Lord, facing trauma or indecision about their life. This is usually coupled together with a Spiritual Fracture, hence its name.


Spiritual Blood, turned red by malice. This potent energy flows out of tainted and/or fractured souls and can poison other people. Miasma poisoning is correlated directly to the Plague and is known for causing hysteria, paranoia, violence, sexual urges, and death by ailment.


 A rather unique mental illness specific to Artificial Souls. It’s a state of mind caused by Dolls becoming sentient and questioning their Soul’s Purpose. This illness results in whomever is inflicted to spontaneously self-destruct because of a change of heart or inability to deviate from the purpose their creator provided for them.  


 The core of Ancient tradition. Seals and Brands are designed to utilize the Soul’s Name to bind, punish, pact, and/or control another soul in some shape or form. There are so many seals and brands in existence that the Council dedicated an entire library to them. To this day, they are the most common form of punishment.


The sound that fills the sky when the Watchers are approaching. They say that no matter where you are, you can hear it. This is most commonly attributed to the Goddess, Zipporah, believed to be the Mother of the Watchers.

Soul’s Name

The name given to an Ethereal being when they first come into existence. Without it, they cannot live. Since the Decimation of the Messengers, it has been increasingly common for one to hide their Soul’s Name, as it can be used to seal or control an individual.

Soul’s Purpose

The destiny and/or reason for being, attached to the Soul’s Name. The Soul’s Purpose gives an Ethereal Being a reason to exist.

The Mortal Affliction

A term coined in the Records of Bildad. Given that he is responsible for the creation of mortals, he also created the concept of mortal suffering, in hopes of teaching Ethereal Beings to life their eternal lives more thoroughly. He recorded that he believes the core to existence is ultimately to love, suffer, and die.

The Plague

A spiritual illness that derives from the Tainted. Although it is strictly caused by miasma poisoning, it caused such an epidemic that they began calling it the Plague. It is the leading cause of death in the Mortal Realms.

The Tainted/Stained

An Ancient or Ethereal Being who has become Spiritually Fractured by some force of trauma. They are also referred to as being stained due to the small stain that first appears when they become tainted. It is said that stain continues to grow with the illness.  For some reason, they are not as susceptible to side effects caused by miasma poisoning than those around them and can usually survive. Unfortunately, their knack for killing everyone around them makes them an eerie presence in any room.

Historical Events

The Decimation of the Messengers

The annihilation of the Grandmaster, Bildad’s, closest aides. The event triggered the collapse of the Balance and is primarily responsible for the current state of the Universe.

The First Thirteen

The formation of the first Ancient clans after they fell from the Ethereal Realms. The origins of all present clans can be traced back to these families.

The Three-Tier Balance

The first attempt to bring back the balance in Undal when the core families began to fight among each other during the upsurge of the Plague. Three core families: the Verna, the Ignis, and the Caeles came together and formed a treaty to respect each other’s territory and values.

The Caeles Involvement 

A dispute between the Caeles and Ignis regarding the illegal conquering of other clans and territories. The fight sparked a full battle that devastated the Caeles Clans.

The Verna Conflict

After the failed battle of Old Ussan, the Ignis Family conquered the Verna Family in a brutal massacre. They collected the women and children and kept them as slaves.

The Fall of Chien

An event caused by the union between the Verna Prince and the new Ignis Emperor regarding the enslavement and maltreatment of the Verna people. According to the records, the Ignis Emperor, Fenix, set all of Chien ablaze and burned it to the ground.  

The Fall of the One Hundred

Most often connected with the Demon of Undal, who single handedly destroyed the core of Ancient life in Undal.

The Astor Tournament

A tournament held by the High King, Iunu Khnum, to replace his immediate successors. Although it was initially a mere competition of wit and agility, it turned into a death match between future kings and queens in which Caeles Hero emerged victorious.

The Fall of Nex

The economic collapse of the second kingdom following the loss of their king and queen. The name comes from the Capital Battle that arose when they fought for their land and rights.

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