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History of Euphoria

Welcome to the Grims' Truth Database. This is your one stop shop to everything 'Grim.' You can use this page to better understand how the Universe works.

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The Beginning

Before the Fall

At the Beginning, the Universe of Euphoria had two realms, the Beyond (Light) and the Void (Shadow.) 

The Beyond held the Throne of the Universe, where Euphoria's creator, the Grandmaster ruled. 

The ruler(s) of The Void safekept the Arc where all souls returned to be reborn, as Death did not yet exist. 

A New Order

The presiding Grandmaster during the start of the story is Ra Bildad, the one responsible for the creation of the Messengers and the Mortal Affliction. 

Bildad believed that true order required more than one person's perspective and opinion and therefore formed the Messengers, a group who would be responsible for providing feedback and support in his rule of the Universe. 

The Messengers chosen from those he trusted most.

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The main events of this story occur prior to the events in the first book, The Spinner's Web, and are revisited in later books. 

These are the events:

Grims' Truth begins long after an event known as the Fall of the Beyond. 

The events that led to the Fall are a mystery to both the main character and the reader when Book 1 starts.

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The events that happen Before the Fall are BF and the events After the Fall are AF.

The Fall of the Beyond created an in-between realm known as the Rift.

The Three Realms

The Beyond

The Rift

The Void


So, what caused the Fall?

This is the question that the first book asks, along with many other important things.

The blunt answer to this question is:

1) The Disappearance of the Grandmaster

2) The Decimation of the Messengers

These two things may sound unfamiliar if you're new, but they will soon become commonplace. 

The goal of the story is to discover why these things happened and how.

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