You are Cruentus Fate, are you not? 

Cruentus Fate, Book 1: Rota Fortunae

Iunu Kyou

Iunu Kyou

Also known as, the Wayward Prince, as he is the eldest of the Iunu Princes of Inoue Capital and also well known for philandering and shirking responsibilities. 

His father attempted to switch him and his twin brother, Ryou, on many occasions out of embarrassment. 


  • Body 


  • Iunu Heqet (Mother)

  • Iunu Khnum (Father)

  • Iunu Ryou (Twin)


  • Heightened strength

  • Heightened agility

  • Heightened perceptiveness


  • Like a few others, Kyou appeared in both Yin and Yang's works prior to the creation of Hunters, Ghosts, and Shadows or Grims' Truth. 

Character Traits

Likes: booze, sex, logical argument

Dislikes: party poopers

Mortal Birthday: January 26

In Their Circle

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Caeles Hero


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Ignis Fortis


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Iunu Heqet


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