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The Language of Ages

A History of the Lanuage of Ages

A language exclusive to the Universe of Euphoria. It is said to be the original Ancient Language, which derived from the time of Ethereal Beings. As time went on, it became more scarce and served as sign that one who spoke or understood the language must be an old Ancient, who went through an Awakening. 

Language Structure

Time | Object | Verb | Subject

  1. A noun can become an object in a sentence where it is receiving a verb or adjective.

i.e Mir ya me'em durul so. 

Literal Meaning: See you happy extremely am. 

Translation: I am pleased to see you or I am extremely happy to see you.

​2. Pronouns are unnecessary if the subjects have already been implied or established. It's considered strange to use them too frequently. 

Tip: If it is necessary to clarify who or what is being discussed, it's more common to just use a name. It is culturally considered respectable and a form of endearment to use someone's name even where it's unnecessary. (Refer to naming tradition/Soul's Name for deeper understanding.)

3. Modifiers come after the word they're intended to modify, like in the example given above where the word extremely (durul) modifies happy (me'em.)

4. If you add a subject to an adjective such as: ma'ail (precious) + ou (I/oneself) = I think (implied subject) is previous. 

Tip: If there's any possibility of confusion, either add the pronoun or remove all subjects such as ma'ail ou ya (you are precious to me) or ma'ail so (precious + present tense particle.) 

5. If there are two 'verbs' in a sentence, such as: want to choose -- the first 'verb' will go before the object/subject and the last 'verb' will go after. Adjust rule for clarity.


6. ​If a word ends with the same vowel as the previous word, cut off the last letter of the first or last word. Skilled linguists will cut off the first rather than the second.

Particle Words

a/singular object or subject: an

Particle for specifying object from regular word: un

(Suggests S-o-B so it’s a present tense word) am: so -> som -> have been/past present

Particle for relating people to subjects: de -> or add a D to the end of first word/related word rather than subject.

Owernership – me

Do – ce

Be – ilu

So – ae(r)

Can - duan

and- fe

if – er

or - als

of - ke

is- en –it is -> eni

it – ei -> is it = ein

to – il

for (giving to/dedication) – ara

for - le

was - na'el

but - mei

because - men

cause - ba

that - quo

this is – Etre

They - naim

negative - pa

don’t – dei

above - uldr

below - yullr

also- duin

with - Kul

without - elo

will – ven

which – rul

have – kun

never – onok

about – ram

keep – mun

here- aso

there- eoso

done (past tense) – rian

the – ge

would – hau

neither…nor…. – pa….los 


kid - boue

person - ren

Elder - Rene

Highness (woman) – Reinka

Highness (male) – Reinke

Highness (gender neutral) - Raike

you- ya - yau (ownership)

oneself – ou – ouin (ownership) – oi (+ verb)

boy – rai

girl- cai


Sister- Caiou

Brother (younger) - raie

Sister (younger) – caie

God- deinus

Everyone – osla

Us - udri

Friends – doce

Thing/object (nonspecific) – reh

Oracle - mirza

Word List

life - reia

death -  veir

pitiful - nuin (technically this is the same word for no but like many words in the LoA they are somewhat interchangeable and mean something different when directed at people.)

bad - nam

good - ma'at

*The Calamity - Miina Fein

Ow - wa'an!

Stop - ka

village - keya

forest - veia

ticking – kukru

Tick tock – kuk-kok

bright – anwa

precious – ma’ail

darkness – minu

secret (something hidden can be object or words) – kkila

world – villea

old – sier

everyone – osla

deserve – ilur

mysteries – sovic

lies – nie(de)

miasma – mot

war – merda

memories – nea

gone/missing – kral

past – gria

important/dire – imus

small/a bit (quantity) –til

small one/little one = small + one -> ti’an

beast/monster – rasta 

beautiful – hua

dreams – yemir

safe/protect person or thing – lenne

skin – sar

seem(s) - nohs

truth – retra

universe – eupha

equal to/equivalent to/same – sen

length (of time) –ram (time + measurement –marra = ram)

measurement (of thing) – marra

Brave(ry)/courage – avril

Plight – idsa

Limitless/boundless – seye

Everything – nih

meaning/matter/purpose - qui

Forever/eternity – Ureri

Sacrifices – kkit

Necessary/necessity – volre

Acceptable/reasonable – xiwal

Reason - vivi

Duty/job/mission – erse

Bring - ryt

Danger – rej

Message – neu

Balance – istar

Belief - kkisa

soul – miyae

desperate – doet

want – palau

need – vanti

desire – resin

chose – sosae

would – hau

agree – cyau

disagree – cyap

find – koj

answers – iun

seek/search – maeran

toxin – muloj

defense – alawae

trespass – dehi

hope – loc

only – sae

might – olk

inside – p’hisa

book – oarc

red –raja

Place – aula

Quiet/Silence/Peace – Fenne

Live/Exist/Be Someplace – acesu

yes- ye

no - nui

Particle Words
Word List
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