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Law in the Universe is maintained by the Watchers.



Order is in the Universe is maintained by the Grim sometimes called the 'Overseers.'

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The Watchers

They descend with the sound of sirens.

As law, the Watchers are responsible for observing to ensure that all those in the Universe are adhering to the Grandmaster's laws and scriptures. 

They have the ability to seal away a person's Soul's Name as punishment or to erase them from existence completely. 

To make this all possible, they have control over mindless puppets called Sweepers. 

Image by Petri Heiskanen

The Watchers Tasks


The Watchers reserve the right to place brands or seals at will, so long as a law was broken.

Charging Criminals

Along with the previous laws, the Watchers may choose whatever punishment they find suitable.

Sealing Soul's Names

If the severity of a crime is great enough, the Watchers may seal a Soul's Name.

Punishing Rogues

The Watchers override the Grims' jurisdiction when a Lord turns Rogue.

Erasing Soul's Names

If a Soul has committed an egregious crime, the Watchers may completely erase them.

Sealing Lords

The Watchers may seal a Lord for turning Rogue or breaking the law. Shared with Grim.


The Grims'

They have a duty to observe.

The Grim are duty-bound to observe the events of time and space. They are also tasked not to meddle in the affairs of mortals, meaning they aren't allowed to change any of the events in time. 

They can send a representative to deal with anything related to pacts or legal bindings and may command the Reapers of Niall to fix errs they notice. 


The Grims' Tasks

Forced Bindings

The Grim must oversee all 'forced' Bindings that occur.

Fixing Paradoxes

They Grim may send Reapers to fix anomalies in time-space.

Severing Pacts

Since severing pacts is dangerous, only the Grim may perform this task.

Summoning Lords

The Grim may spark a Lord's Awakening at will.

Mediating Sealings

The Grim may choose to intervene with other factions during sealings.

Sealing Lords

The Grim may seal a Lord for turning Rogue or breaking the law.

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