Laws Pacts

Forming Pacts

Pacts are formed with anima (light) or darkness (shadow), which are the life force of all things.

Usually, pacts are sealed with a kiss because the anima between two souls/beings must be shared; however, there are many different types of bindings which sometimes are formed in other physical exchanges like sharing blood, engaging in battle, or sexual relationships.

Laws & Rules

Pacts will remain intact even if someone dies, as long as their promises are kept. If, however, their pact requires both individuals to be alive, their binding/pact will be severed.

The laws and conditions of a pact are decided by those involved, but it's also possible to force a pact and its conditions upon a person, such as placing a brand or seal. 

Severing Pacts

Miasma is a form of spiritual blood that emits from someone tainted. The toxic energy causes an illness simply called, miasma poisoning. 

Miasma poisoning heightens the emotional state of the infected, including the Tainted themselves. It can cause hysteria, hallucinations, delirium, physical ailment, or psychosis.


Due to the fast spreading nature of miasma and its side effects, it became a wide-spread epidemic. 

If not contained, it often kills hundreds and even thousands within a short span of time.

Areas that have lost their inability to contain the damage refer to this as the Plague. All infected parties and areas must be quarantined. 

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