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Inoue Capital

If you listen closely, the trees will tell you of their cruel fate...

Inoue Capital is separated into three sections: the Capital, the Centre, and the the Community. The Capital holds the palace, also known as the Capital of Mu. Under council law, this is the only 'recognized' Capital of Mu despite it catching on that Tir Na Nog has grown to such heights that it be known as the Southern Capital.

The area known as the Centre connects Inoue's Capital and Community. It has a large, expensive shopping district and an immense circular planter from which citizens sit to view the Ussan or tell tales of the past. This is also where the members of the Queen's Guard stayed to be in close contact to their queen.

However, most of the notoriety of Inoue comes from the remains of the Crystal Forest, the Ussan, and the community that sits on a steep slope from the palace to the bioluminescent beaches. The bustling community, though poor compared to its royals are adept at crafting. They are responsible for creating all the jewelry, armor, and weaponry throughout the Capital, as well as a majority of the blankets, woven baskets, and glass or crystal wares the kingdom has to offer.

They are careful not to tread into the Ussan and hold that the forest is enchanted by bloodshed. It is rumored that the crystals grew from this blood and that they now hold the memories of those lost in old battles. They maintain that those who gaze for too long into the heart of the forest will become blind because of the sheer radiance of anima.

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