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A kingdom doomed to fail, ever since those two arrived....

Nex, once whole, separated into two parts, Macallerius and Nitor, ruled by twin Rahma who feuded. The King of Macellerius never married and struggled to keep up with his brother, Niteo, who married one of the last Caeles, a woman named Elaine. The pair then brought the infamous Hero of Nitor into the world.

Hero's birth resulted in a virtually ceaseless snowstorm into Nitor, a fact which aided in the kingdom's wealth despite his condition. However, the prince himself was confined to the palace and only viewed on rare occasions by other royals or at his window.

Macellarius, doomed to failure by its greedy king, fell into ruin and depravity. The citizens fought for survival in the streets while their king used all the funds for his own selfish desires. Only a shred of hope remained in the brothel that rest between the border of Nex and Macellerius, as it attracted many visitors from afar despite the terrible conditions of the kingdom.

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