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The rainbow-scaled fish which reside here haven't sung in many turns....

Once home to the Tau Clan of song, most of them were wiped out during a siege on the kingdom. Since then, a chosen figurehead has ruled the land and the famous rainbow scaled fish have stopped singing. The temples here are well-maintained and comprise much of the kingdom, which can be seen glowing atop the ocean even at a distance. After the siege, the kingdom became home to many merchants who began using their funds to support the kingdom's remaining history.

Rosetau worships the Lord of Harmony and the mythical beast, Leviathan. They deem the rainbow fish familiars of the great sea serpent and pay their respects to them daily in hopes of one day hearing their song.

Also unique to Rosetau are the blue and purple titled buildings through which water channels are built. The interior walls depict images from the folklore of Leviathan and are therefore highly regarded by visitors and locals alike.

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