The Reaper City of Niall stirs with malice, and the temple grounds tremble with indications of catastrophe. The lost battle for Mu leaves the Organization in shambles, and the weight of their losses fall upon their leader’s assistant, Jackyl. Now, he must step forward, into Akira’s shoes, and raise their morale with the assistance of the Wiser, an imposter, and their Oracle.

The team rushes to rally the Reaper’s ranks before the ripples of time can catch up with them, with their only guide being two journals, a damaged video, and the remnants of Akira’s memories.

Book 4: Prince of Shadows

Character Guide

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On this page, you will find a guide of characters throughout Book 4: Prince of Shadows. Click the READ MORE button to see full renders and character details.

Aeros Ianthe

Caeles Fate


Ea'Anat Isis

Hell Hound

Lin Shaer

Ra Barloc



The Watchers

Caeles Hero

Daeleris Nox



Ra Bildad

Shai Myrna

The Grim

Vem Bethshan


Caeles Leon-Ru

Daeleris Shehariah

Gishian Reina

Leoht Miina

Re Bedad

Shinka Mayuri

The Sweepers

Book 4: Prince of Shadows


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