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Everything You Need to Know

We get a lot of questions like: oh, what's Grims' Truth about? Which is expected but not always easy to explain in a short amount of time. So, this post is going to be a shareable way to give a taste of what readers are in for.

Note: There is a short preview of Book 1: The Spinner's Web attached to this. This material is protected under copyright by Evolved Publishing as well as co-authors Isu Yin and Fae Yang. However, it may be shared to interested readers.


Genres: Epic Fantasy, Metaphysical, and Philosophical (Existential Horror)

World Building Checklist: Language ✓ Mythology ✓ Clans/Breeds/Etc ✓ Element System ✓ Multi-layered Story Planning ✓ Politics ✓ Battle/War ✓ History ✓ Religion ✓ Philosophy ✓ Science ✓ Geography ✓ (Etc.)

Series Structure: Grims' Truth has a sixty book plan. There are twenty arcs, each with three books. We typically launch an arc a year. The series outline can be viewed here.

Book Format: eBook, Print Book, Audio Book, Digital Boxset, and Omnibus

*Note: Some of these formats are not yet available. We will update links as necessary.

Series Plot: The Universe of Euphoria has fallen out of balance and its ruler has vanished without a trace or explanation. As the realms descend into chaos, several factions step up to set straight the mess but they do not agree about how the Balance should be restored.

Commonly Asked Questions:

+ Is there LGBTQ+ representation?

A: Yes, lots! LOTS. There are many types of people in the world and we want to show as much representation as possible.

+ Is there POC representation?

A: Same as previous. Yes, lots! Even though the main cast of characters are primarily Ancients, they do come from clans that will represent a multitude of ethnic backgrounds.

+ Are there characters with disabilities?

A: Yes, there are several characters with varying types of disabilities.

+ Is there proper representation for characters with mental illnesses?

A: Yes. Not all characters will handle their mental illnesses and disabilities the same but this story is not here to romanticize either of these topics.

+ Do you discuss social/ethical issues like racism, women's rights, rape, and etc. ?

A: Yes, we do. These topics are extremely important and there are characters and groups who suffer because of social injustices within the story just like in your real life. These topics will be addressed numerous times throughout the sixty book series.

Themes: GT explores moral/ethical gray areas that we see in both stories and in real life. As writers and consumers, we feel that too often stories are presented as black and white. There is some side or person who is inherently evil and another that is inherently good but that's generally not how things work in real life. GT will also explore existential questions about life, death, and one's place in the Universe through the eyes of both theology and philosophy.

TLDR; The story explores psychological, philosophical/theological, and sociological aspects of characters and how their views on these things change the plot and reader's viewpoint.

Every reader is open to their own interpretation of what is happening in the series. We want readers to question the character perspectives and read between the lines.

The character POV changes with each book, revisiting more important character perspectives throughout the plot.

Also, time is not linear in this story, so readers will follow characters through space and time, learning about the numerous realms and the Universe as a whole.

TSW Preview
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