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The "Sclera" of My Eye

The second branch of the Organization, which was named to symbolize the importance of Sclera's role within the Organization. 

They initially started off as group responsible for collecting artifacts that are tied to Awakenings. They have also been known to collect old documents to help protect buried pieces of history. However, as the group expanded, they created a new group known as Erasers, who hunt down Sweepers. 

They also handle paradoxes in space-time that are created by or related to the Lords of Light and Shadow.

Mayuri Head Shot.png


Shinka Mayuri

The founder of Sclera. He has hardened up after great suffering at the discretion of Leoht Miina. Past experiences have led him to play a stricter and more involved role than he used to. 

He still has a habit of picking up misfits who have nowhere to go and then training them to be Erasers through an academy hidden behind an illusion within the 7th Mortal Realm.



Aeros Shu

One of the early members of Sclera, also brother to the Organization's oracle, Ianthe. He cares deeply for his sister, who is his only remaining relative after a raid on their village. 

His demeanor is that of an older man even though he is still an adolescent-- the polar opposite of his partner, Raphael. 

He always wears a bandana around his neck and a pair of goggles on his head, which he claims is useful for keeping dirt out of his eyes when he uses his element of air. 

He also specializes in using small knives and keeps no less than fifty on him at all times.



Callidae Vulpe

She played her first role within the Organization in this branch, where she worked at the Academy as a nurse of all things. 

During her time there, she became a well of information for the student body. 

Akito Head Shot.png

Black Cat

Li Akito

An Ignis whose family joined the New Movement. His parents sent him through a portal in search of Wiser. His primary goal is to bring Fenix back to his senses after a failed ritual made him go berserk. However, since the mission is incredibly dangerous he has first been paired with Sclera's co-founder Tatsura to train to be an Eraser. 

His natural charm makes him the center of attention where-ever he goes and his inability to control his libido often gets him into trouble.



??? ?????

A very.... peculiar young man. He could easily be mistaken for a Rahma if not for his brilliant green eyes and slit pupils. Rumor has it, he was paired with Shu to make the most of his hemokinetic abilities. 

It is also said that the two bonded over their investment in their younger sisters. He is, notably, the opposite of Shu and has been known to make crude outbursts of maniacal laughter and spontaneous, violent impulses. 

His primary weapon is a giant scalpel. 


Anomaly Lynx

Li Tatsura

The co-founder of Sclera. Even though he's just a kid he's an extremely talented Puppeteer. Word has it, he's also an escapee from the Genome Project and this has given him PTSD. 

He plays an essential role within Sclera, as he's capable of reanimating collapsed Dolls and comrades and is currently in the midst of experimenting with making clone Dolls with the intent of protecting what he refers to as the main body. 




A girl simply called Oracle. She escaped Oga Island at the same time as Tatsura but was recaptured and later rescued a second time during one of Akito's first missions.

She is the Organization's second Oracle but she has already lost her vision, as well as her ability to walk.

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