You are Cruentus Fate, are you not? 

Cruentus Fate, Book 1: Rota Fortunae



Daeleris Shehariah

The Lord of Rebirth, also one of the rulers of the Void. She and her twin brother, Nox, are responsible for maintaining the cycle of life and death, otherwise referred to as the Balance. 

When the Grandmaster disappeared, their world collapsed. 


  • Darkness

  • Anima

  • Ether

  • Sound


  • Nox Daeleris (Twin Brother)

  • Bildad (Father/Creator)

  • Vem Amaimon (Father/Creator) 

  • Sargon (Bound)

  • Leoht Miina (Son) 


  • Creation

  • Rebirth

  • Anima healing and control

  • Miasma Suppression 

  • Aura Control

  • Sound Manipulation and Wielding


  • One of the Three Fates responsible for deciding the fate of the Mortal Realms.

  • Together with Nox, she's one of Bildad's only children. 

Character Traits

Likes: plants, life, crystals

Dislikes: hypocrites, isolation, and captivity

Mortal Birthday: January 19

In Their Circle

Vem Bethshan

Best Friend

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