You are Cruentus Fate, are you not? 

Cruentus Fate, Book 1: Rota Fortunae

The Spinner

The Spinner

The tale of the Spinner is well known throughout Mu. It is a tale warning youth to maintain the ways of the Ancients and is used to frighten any who may stray from the old ways.

Her story is based on the sealing of Nuvem Fati, a Farseer, who was condemned for her visions and beliefs. It is the foundation of truth that makes the Spinner so frightening.

It is not known if the two women are actually connected but both stories hold cause for fear among Rahma and Ancients alike.


  • Unknown


  • Often found with Shadow creatures


  • Echo calling

  • Cry of the Banshee


  • N/A

Character Traits

Likes: singing, plants

Dislikes: Temples and shrines 

Birthday: Unknown

In Their Circle

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