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Beginner's Guide

Grims' Truth

Where to Start

A Beginner's Guide 

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Book 0: the Dead Queen

It's easy to forget book 0 since it's free but it's a part of the story and a good way to immerse yourself in Euphoria. 

The PDF for the short novella can be downloaded at any time. 



Explore the Website Guides

Here at we offer many official guides on characters, terminology, locations, and even the Language of Ages. 

Viewing these guides can make it easier to remember information between books or even learn something new. 


Join the Forums

Adding commentary and discussing the story with other readers is a good way to broaden your perspective and solve the mysteries within the story. 

You can also join the beta reading team and review the books before they're published.

Series Outline & Structure

The series design may appear chaotic to a newcomer, especially when we say things like chronological order, release order, and routes. We promise, there's a method to our madness.  

Series Plan

Series Outline/Plan 

You may have seen it either in our publisher's posts or somewhere on the site but our plan calls for 60 books, which have already been named and outlined from book 60 to book 1. We publish 3 books a year, the equivalent of one story arc, as long as we don't make alterations or have life altering interruptions. 

Story Arcs

Grims' Truth is broken into story arcs by books of three. We made this decision when we broke a 700+ page book into shorter books. When we made this decision, we also decided to spend more time exploring character perspectives and important subjects, hence the arc titles. Nevertheless, it's all part of one really long story. There's just a lot to cover. 

Story Routes 

We planned the story routes during the initial outline, however; we left this a secret from our editor/publisher, Lane Diamond, when he first read and edited Book 4: Prince of Shadows, where this concept first appeared. 

Readers will know that Grims' Truth travels all throughout space and time. At certain parts of the story, the plot breaks into different, possible, paths and both are necessary for the end game. However, only one truly leads to the ending. 

The middle part of the series follows Route B. The variables that occur through time and space are part of what make the series long but also what make it so fleshed out. 

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