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Cruentus Fate

Ea'Anat Isis

Ignis Fortuna

Iunu Khnum

Leoht Miina

Shai Myrna

Caeles Chi

Cruentus Neco

Ignis Firmus

Iu Navarriel

Iunu Kyou

Lux Nigel

Shinka Mortis

Caeles Hero

Cruentus Niteo

Ignis Fortis

Iunu Heqet

Ra Aki

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On this page, you will find a guide of characters throughout Book 1: Rota Fortunae. Click the READ MORE button to see full renders and character details.


Several turns after the disappearance of the High Queen's successor, rumors of a plague spread across the Empire of Mu. Two parties, the Rebellion and the Council, clash over the strange phenomenon and its source, the Tainted.

Cruentus Fate, a young Royal from the second kingdom of Mu, becomes entangled in the battle for the Capital as she and her brother, Abyssus, seek out the truth about their relationship with the enigmatic Grim. Her life turns upside down when she's separated from her brother and sold to the brothel by their father, the King of Macellarius. The brothel's Madam, Fortuna, takes Fate under her wing and broadens her knowledge of the Empire, the war at hand, and the secret behind her existence.

With her new understanding, Fate sets out to restore balance to the Empire, and to recover her brother from their father's clutches. First, she must rally the support of the unstable prince of the neighboring kingdom.

Around every bend lies another dark secret about the world she lives in, and the more she uncovers, the more entangled she becomes in the web of lies her family has spun.

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"From the moment I picked up this book, I could tell it was different, even the texture of the a glove that fit perfectly.
I was drawn in, like an un-suspecting prey in a spider's web."

Sheila D.

"Book 1 of The Spinner's Web presents a compelling puzzle of world building and story that proves to be quite rewarding. I feel like there's quite a bit I'm missing, but I look forward to reading it again and reading future books to see how it all comes together. Great characters, world, etc. Definitely worth reading."

"This book immerses the reader in the power of language, the molding of interspecies attitudes, and the daunting task of taking charge of one’s future. It will make you think deeply about culture in general!"

Corine Ann Barnes

Trusty Trevs

"I enjoyed the developing story and the variety of characters introduced in this first book. I am looking forward to be succeeding books to see how the story unravels and how the characters interact in the future."

Esther L. Beltran

"I really enjoyed reading this amazing story! It was more than I could ask for! The way the author(s) draw you in with how the characters are being described and how they interact with each other in such a diverse way."

Ian M.

"Wow, what a way to begin a new fantasy series. Co-authors Isu Yin and Fae Yang have made quite the impression with their impressive first book of their Grims’ Truth Series published by Evolved Publishing: The Spinner's Web. It has elements fantasy fans would expect to find without the clichés readers normally come across. True, magic is perhaps the most dominate element within this fantasy, but what makes this story so endearing is the fact that the authors’ magic is written about in a rather realistic fashion."

The world in The Spinner's Web created by Isu Yin and Fae Yang is really cool and imaginative! Yin and Yang (yes, seriously) have built a cast of fun characters that are confronted with deep challenges, epic battles, and an unspeakable evil that’s trying to destroy an already divided world. I love the freshness of this novel and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one!

"After reading this story, it really made me think. I thought it was a mix of fantasy with a splash of fairy tale mixed in. I found it surprisingly addicting and different. Once I finished the first chapter I had to keep reading to see what happened to Fate and what was really going on. I thought there were good guys and bad guys and terrible people I liked to hate. Just a wildly different story. Plus it was amazing what Fate had to learn and I really wanted to know what her destiny would be and what paths she would choose. A few twists were here and there and never quite knew what would come next. I received an advance copy and liked it. Cannot wait to see what happens next. I expect to be surprised."


Alicia C. Smock

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