The Spinner

Fate is a Doll created to marry the First Prince of Inoue. Shortly after she and her suppressor came into being, they were kidnapped and taken to Nex to live as Royals. They both grew up under the care of Cruentus Neco, who became their adoptive father. However, Fate was later sold to the brothel to train to be Neco's "proper" wife.

The betrayal jaded her greatly and led her to seek a way to escape.

A majority of the problems in her life center around the theory that she is one of the mythlogical Fates, a being known as the Spinner who holds the power to determine the fate of the Mortal Realms.

Social Class



Electricity, Darkness, and Spirit



Character Profile

Cruentus Fate


+Abyssus (Twin/Suppressor)
+Cruentus Neco (Adoptive Father)
+Caeles/Cruentus Niteo (Uncle)
+Caeles Hero (Fiance)





+Heightened Learning

+Anima Control - Miasma Suppression

+Spirit Walking

Weapons Coming Soon....

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