The Royal Philanderer

The eldest of the Ignis Triplets. He's the most boisterous and amorous of the lot. In fact, he earned himself the title, the Royal Philanderer, thanks to his constant escapades. Although he serves King Niteo, he constantly leaves to visit Tir Na Nog and the Capital.

Fortis is known for his amorous behavior and constant philandering but aside from his seemingly frivolous nature, he claims to do these things to ease the damage caused by the Plague. He's constantly busy thanks to the Nitor Royals and his work with the Rebellion. He's one of the leading members of the faction and also one of the few assigned to observe the Spinner.

Social Class



Fire and anima



Character Profile

Ignis Fortis


+Ignis Fortuna (Sister)
+Ignis Firmus (Brother)
+Ignis Vera (Aunt)




+Cat's Eye
+Increased Strength
+Increased Agility

Weapons Coming Soon...

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