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Brothel Tailor

Amana Nigel

The Heir of Rosetau. He left after his family was murdered in a hostile takeover. For a time after leaving, he roamed the Empire with his cousin, Duncan. Now, he lives with Fortuna, his lover and partner in the Rebellion. Nigel's subtle involvement in politics makes him both a worthy ally and a useful resource. Few know about his actual background and he likes to keep it that way. The only people he appears to fully trust and rely on are his cousin, Duncan, and his lover, Fortuna. He contributed a number of fine gowns to the brothel as a way to support the Trafficking Control plan that Fortuna set forth.

Social Class






Character Profile

Amana Nigel


+ Amana Duncan (Cousin)




+Design, tailoring, and sewing
+Peaceful negotiation

Weapons Coming Soon...

Amana Nigel
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