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The Prince of Nitor

Caeles Hero

Hero is open about how much he values honesty, but he's also a habitual liar. His ability to come across as childlike and innocent aids in his deception. If one looks past the guise, it's clear that he enjoys teasing others, which sometimes goes too far when he's under the influence of miasma poisoning. It should be noted that much of the time, it's hard to tell if his traits are a result of the miasma or if he simply enjoys trouble making.

He has been trained by Ignis soldiers since he was a child, so his battle prowess is higher than most. When he's not training, he is studying and is known to have a passion for philosophy and mythology. It is said that he once wanted to be a musician but his father refused to let a prince continue such a 'mundane' field of interest.

Social Class






Character Profile

Caeles Hero


+Caeles Elaine (Mother)
+Caeles Liulfr (Father)
+Caeles/Cruentus Niteo (Step-Father)
+Caeles Chi (Aunt)
+Cruentus Neco (Uncle)
+Abyssus (Cousin)
+Cruentus Fate (Fiancee)




+Demonic Seduction
+Miasma Poisoning
+Aerial Attack and Evasion

Weapons Coming Soon...

Caeles Hero
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