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The King of Nitor

Cruentus Niteo

Niteo rules Nex along with his twin, Neco. He resides in his half of the kingdom, Nitor but often travels to avoid interaction with his son, Hero. On the outside, Niteo is very approachable and regal, especially for a Rahma. He keeps close to the High King to maintain his status and manages to keep a name for himself by using his late wife's clan name 'Caeles'.

He has a bad relationship with Hero, who he is frightened of after a near-death encounter they had during Hero's childhood. Even though his relationship with Hero is so bad, he somehow keeps Hero inside Nitor Palace against his will.

The only exception to his callousness is his ward, Lara, who was raised like a Royal despite being a common Rahma from Macellarius.

Social Class






Character Profile

Cruentus Niteo


+Cruentus Neco (Brother)
+Caeles Hero (Son)
+Caeles Elaine (Late Wife)
+Lara (Ward)
+Caeles Chi (Sister-in-law)
+Cruentus Fate (niece)
+Abyssus (nephew)





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Cruentus Niteo
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