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The Queen of Askadel

Ea'Anat Isis

The Queen of Askadel. She serves part-time as a teacher and private guard for the Prince of Nitor, though she seems to be more like a nanny. She spends much of her time in her kingdom, keeping balance before she returns to check on Hero. Despite being a Council Member, Isis makes a lot of friends with members of other factions, such as Hero, Akira, and Heqet. In fact, her friends are rather notable members of other factions. She's often in the Capital conferring with Khnum about something, as he has kept her around since she first lost her parents at a young age. There's some speculation that this tragedy is what led her to dote after the young Prince Hero.

Social Class






Character Profile

Ea'Anat Isis


+Shinka Mortis (Brother)




+Heightened Agility
+Heightened Strength
+Mind Control
+Master Illusions

Weapons Coming Soon...

Ea'Anat Isis
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