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Prince's Guard

Ignis Firmus

The Heir of Fenix, as well as the rightful heir to the Tir Na Nog throne. He was cast out of his home because he failed to awaken and now serves as the personal guard of Prince Abyssus of Macellarius. He has a soft temperament and a reserved personality.

In his work hours, he's busy working undercover for the Rebellion but during the daytime, he runs around trying to keep Abyssus out of trouble. Even though he's the rightful heir to the Tir Na Nog throne, he has few rights but he doesn't seem to mind it much.

Social Class

Guard (Servant) | Royal


Fire and anima



Character Profile

Ignis Firmus


+ Ignis Fortuna (Sister)
+ Ignis Fortis (Brother)




+Cat's Eye
+Increased Strength
+Increased Agility

Weapons Coming Soon...

Ignis Firmus
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