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The High Queen of Mu

Iunu Heqet

The High Queen of Mu. She and her husband were cast out of Thule after they lost their Bound. They were then remarried to each other and began their rule over Mu. The circumstances have left Heqet at odds with the Council, leading her to form the Rebellion with her associates. She shares a close relationship with King Askelon of Nysa, Nigel of Rosetau, and Queen Fortuna of Tir Na Nog. Unlike her husband, she has no desire to return to Thule and would prefer to bring peace to Mu with her sons. Strangely, she managed to form a pact with the Council Leader's son, also the leader of the 3rd party in the war for Mu.

Social Class






Character Profile

Iunu Heqet


+Iunu Khnum (Husband)
+Iunu Ryou (Son)
+Iunu Kyou (Son)
+Caeles Hero (God Son)





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Iunu Heqet
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