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The Queen's Dog

Ra Aki

Better known under the alias, Akira, he's the co-founder and leader of the 3rd party faction, the Organization. Most of the time, he walks around in a metallic silver fox mask, which was sealed to his face for his crimes.

Bedad is perhaps one of the most perplexing people in Euphoria because of his convoluted backstory. He suffers from extreme miasma poisoning and the numerous seals the Council placed on him. He's horribly paranoid and delicate despite how overpowering he seems to most. His condition makes him difficult to understand much of the time and because of this, he's prone to throwing child-like fits.

Social Class



+Time (Sealed/Weak) ???



Character Profile

Ra Aki


+Council Leader (Adoptive Mother)
+Vem Bethshan (Pactee)
+Ra Barloc (Brother Figure)




+Demonic Seduction
+Miasma Poisoning
+Shadow Step
+Master Level Illusions

Weapons Coming Soon...

Ra Aki
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