Followers of the Grandmaster's Scriptures

Sizouse Headshot.png

The Leader of the Council, also responsible for forming the laws that sweep across Mu.

She once held a place as a Messenger, acting as the very Voice of Bildad. This fact has made her opinions highly valued among all those who uphold his traditions.  

The Council Leader


  • Element of Will
  • Anima control/manipulation
Sisera Head Shot.png

The Council Leader's right hand. She usually appears in her leader's stead to provide messages or carry out any of the faction's discipline for criminals. 

She's also responsible for holding a majority of the meetings and negotiations in their leader's place.

The Council Leader's Aide


  • Conjuring portals 
  • Flash Step

A well-respected figurehead within the Council. He is the current Iu Family Master, as well as one of the closest faction members to the Council Leader. 

Since he is so important and busy, he usually only appears to give respects on behalf of the entire Council.

Iu Family Master


  • ????

One of the very few Council Members aligned with the Rebellion. He has little trust in the members of the Organization but keeps close links through his friendship with Wiser. 

Like Sisera, he's able to open portals and deliver messages on behalf of the Council Leader. 

He's also one of the few remaining members of the Callidae family, and is therefore more valued. 

Callidae Remnant

Callidae Haylel

  • Conjuring portals
  • Flash Step

One of the few under the guise of the omnipresent 'Akira.' 

He can control any element at will but none very well due to health complications. 

He's best known for being the leader of the Organization, even though it goes against his mother's wishes. 

The Lord of Justice

Ra Bedad

  • Can commit any crime without repercussion
  • Jack-of-all-trades, master of none

One of the oldest factions. The Council Leader formed the faction at the start of the first Mortal Realm in hopes of preserving the Grandmaster's vision for Euphoria and his laws/traditions. 

Their main goal seems to be protecting and preserving both tradition and Ancient Clans, which have gradually dwindled since the Rise of the Rahma and the birth of the Half-Breeds. They also have strong beliefs regarding the Plague and the Tainted

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