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Repetitive Lines

The Guardians

Protectors of Space and Time

Perhaps one of the most evasive and collusive groups in Euphoria. 

All of the members are incredibly strong willed and have a tendency to keep secrets from each other to complete their own objectives and fulfill personal whims. Nevertheless, they all seem to have a common goal, to protect space and time

The members appear to have different opinions on how to do this or what it actually means. The entire group is comprised of volatile personality types labeled as criminals. 

Star Cluster

Vem Bethshan

Master Puppeteer

The Eldest of the Guardians and also the present Grandmaster, Bildad's lover. 

He specializes in creating artificial life, which has gotten him into a lot of trouble. 


Nuvem Inmane

White Wolf

One half of the pair known as the Twin Wolves. She is decisive and brutal in her approach to completing tasks. She is a last resort when things go wrong.

Mayuri Head Shot.png

Shinka Mayuri


An omnipotent man under the guise of a Doll called Wiser. 

He was already sentenced to death once for his meddling with affairs in the Void that led to the collapse of the Balance. He's also one of the last living Messengers. 

Barloc Profile.png

Ra Barloc

The Lord of Time

One of the few under the guise of the omnipresent 'Akira.' 

He inherited the Tocsin abilities from his loose ties to the Goddess, Zipporah. 

In addition, he is the newest and  youngest of the Lords, one capable of bending space and time, though he may be a little clumsy.

Jax Profile.png


The Lord of Death

The Elder Daeleris Twin. He was in charge of maintaining the Balance with his sister before the Decimation of the Messengers. 

The Watcher's placed seals on him after he committed a crime and aided in the creation of an artificial soul with his own life strain. 

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