Welcome to the page for the Lords of Light and Shadow. 

The Grandmaster of the Universe created the Lords to maintain balance so the Messengers may keep their focus on the happenings of the Beyond.

  • FATE

    Named after it was decided that Mortals could have a cause of death. This Lord also has destructive tendencies like Death and has the right to monitor the Mortal Realms and decide when and why they should die. For this reason, Mortals pay this Lord a lot of mind.

    Name Revealed in Book 12


    The Lord of Harmony is responsible for the immediate calm but usually doesn't appear and use this skill until after the storm has passed. They have the ability to bring peace to the other Lords if necessary. This is the only Lord or person capable of fully halting the Lords of Light and Shadow.

    Name revealed in Book 13


    Perhaps derived from an older word for 'vengeance' this Lord is really the Lord of Retribution, the spiritual bomb that goes off whenever a situation has either grown too grave or out of control. Their actual purpose is more vague than the other Lords, as they seem to be able to swap with other Lords and/or do things outside of their purpose. This is the Lord with the most flexibility.

    Name Revealed in Book 24


    The bringer of Death and Destruction, also responsible for keeping a record of the lost souls of Mortals. They have a tendency to be pessimistic but fairly sensitive to life, as they cannot fully die them-self but will bring death to whatever and whomever they touch, even if it takes a while.

    Name Revealed in Book 4


    The counterpart to the Lord of Death. Rebirth has the ability to bring back the lost souls that are harvested and protected by Death. They cannot exist without the other since they require one another to fulfill their purpose. Rebirth also has healing capabilities like the Spirits and advanced anima users.

    Name Revealed in Book 4


    One of the younger Lords, responsible for bringing balance and guidance to the Lords. They also have healing capabilities and superior spiritual aptitude.

    Name Revealed in Book 12


    Since their role is similar to that of Wrath, it is assumed that there may have been a mishap in the order of assignment. Justice is capable of committing any crime they wish as long as it's in the name of morality, but they, personally, also decide what is right and just.

    Name Revealed in Book 40


    The Lord of Chaos brings destruction and, of course, Chaos wherever they set foot. Their presence in any world misaligns the 'variables' of any set scene and renders all planning or foresight completely useless. This Lord has a habit to seek negative things even if they innately know it's bad. Their existence in the world relies on unpredictability.

    Name Revealed in Book 3

  • TIME

    The Lord of Time can move freely through time and space without repercussion and commit any acts without the Universe stopping their transgressions whereas other Ancients must abide by specific Universal laws. This Lord also has considerable control over space and matter.

    Name Revealed in Book 4

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