The Third Party 

Known as "The Third Party" in the battle over Mu. The group actually finds the title offensive, as they see a much bigger picture and find Mu trivial. They coined their faction name from the term "Third Party Organization" as a type of pun. 

Although the faction originally stemmed from their first branch, Arx, led by the notorious, Akira, they began to expand and create other factions. There are rumors that these branches go out as far at the 8th Mortal Realm.

The Apex 

"The Sclera of my Eye"

Reaper City

Burning Edge Entertainment

Paimon head shot.png


Organization Founder, Leader of ARX

Also the Lord of Chaos. He's responsible for using the Mirror of Space and Time to manipulate universal variables.

He's said to be one of the immediate sucessors of the Grandmaster.

  • Puppeteering 
  • Shadow Step/Flash Step
Mayuri Head Shot.png


Sclera Co-Founder

An omnipotent man under the guise of a Doll called Wiser. 

He was already sentenced to death once for his meddling with affairs in the Void that led to the collapse of the Balance. He's also one of the last living Messengers. 

  • Spiritual Healing 
  • Smuggling information


The Lord of Death

The Leader of the Colloquium. He was in charge of maintaining the Balance with his sister before the Decimation of the Messengers. 

The Watcher's placed seals on him after he committed a crime and aided in the creation of an artificial soul with his own life strain. 

  • Enhanced memory
  • Expedited Awakenings
  • Immunity to Death

Aeros Shu

Burning Edge Founder

The leader of the newest Organization branch, Burning Edge Entertainment, dedicated to influence over mortals and their realms. 

The group is also responsible for drawing immense energy and maintaining control over the balance of those realms. 

They are capable of creating universal scale illusions.

  • Skilled user of blades 
  • Manipulation of mortals
Reina headshot.png

Assassination Unit Member, RAINIE


A member of the notorious Gishian Family. Due to her habit of wearing pretty and delicate clothing, most people underestimate her strength.

  • Hemokinesis
  • Hydrokinesis
Besil Youth head shot.png

Sclera Co-Founder


The co-founder of the second branch, Sclera. He's a Master Puppeteer, tasked with reanimating lost allies and creating new Dolls to aid in Organization Missions.

  • Puppeteering
  • Smuggling information

Organization Oracle

Aeros Ianthe

Shu's younger sister, also the Organization's first Oracle. She's hidden within the Temple of Enlightenment, guarded heavily by Reapers. 

  • Spirit Walking
  • Farseeing 

'Ace' of Royal Emergency

Ra Barloc

One of the few under the guise of the omnipresent 'Akira.' 

He inherited the Tocsin abilities from his loose ties to the Goddess, Zipporah. 

In Burning Edge, he works under the alias 'Ace' and uses his Tocsin abilities to draw energy from enamored mortals and cast grand scale illusions. 

  • Tocsin's Song
  • Control over time and space
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