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Miasma & 
The Tainted

Image by Dylan Hunter

Q: What in nine hells is the Taint?

This is unironically one of the most frequently asked questions from readers and characters alike. The main problem is this: No one in the story actually knows. 

It isn't a matter of elusiveness, just a matter of ignorance. 

Characters theorize the origin of the Taint and argue about it and this is part of the reason they disagree about what to do with the Tainted. 

We challenge new readers to analyze the story details and try to theorize themselves, but for anyone who wants more direct information, continue reading.

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This is a great place to add a tagline.

If you've read far enough, you may recall the story of Leoht Miina, who went blind after peering into the Void. 

The child from this story is said to have experienced a spiritual fracture after the disappearance of his father. 

It is said that the trauma was so great, Leoht Miina's spirit fractured and that this created the Taint.

This is just one theory on the origin of the Taint, but one that applies to Hero and Bedad alike.


Miasma is theorized to be spiritual blood and this is something everyone believes equally. However, it is sometimes correlated with malice. 

When miasma spreads from a spiritual fracture (the Tainted) and comes in contact with others it can cause a series of ailments.

Side effects: Paranoia, hysteria, anxiety, nausea, hallucinations, delirium, unexplained or uncontrollable rage, sudden death.

It is often called negative energy and is believed to attract bad things to the afflicted.

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Tainted vs Stained

The terms are interchangeable. In fact, the term stained derived from the small stain that appears on someone tainted. The stain grows depending on the severity of the condition and it became a notable way for others to recognize potential danger.

The Plague

The Plague is the name given to miasma poisoning when it became widespread and infected people in two kingdoms. This was caused by the rare appearance of two Tainted within these kingdoms. This is what sparked the debate between the Council and the Rebellion on the matter of the Tainted and how to deal with them.

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