The Empire of Mu is caught in an age old conflict. Trapped between two warring factions, the Rebellion and the Council, High Queen Heqet must try to maintain the peace while protecting her two young sons. She plays a desperate game to protect the future from those who would enslave it. Helped by a riddle spewing Reaper and his beloved cat, she ventures forth into an uncertain future. A future that wants her and all that she stands for dead.

Book 0: The Dead Queen

Character Guide

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  • The High Queen of Mu.

    She and Akira share a pact.

    Iunu Heqet

  • Khnum Head Shot.png

    The High King of Mu.

    He and Heqet disagree on most subjects.

    Iunu Khnum

  • Prince of Mu.

    His mother's pride and father's disappointment.

    Iunu Kyou

  • Prince of Mu.

    Although younger, his father wishes for him to succeed the throne.

    Iunu Ryou

  • A young affiliate of the Council. He came to the Capital to offer Heqet his assistance. 


  • The sole Wolf Clan survivor from the fall of the Crystal Empire.

    Caeles Luilfr

  • Caeles Elaine

    One of the Fox Clan survivors. She protects a precious secret.

  • Caeles Chi

    One of the Fox Clan survivors. She excels in medicine.

  • Aurelius

    Personal guard to the High Queen

  • Duncan

    Duke of Rosetau.

  • Nigel

    Duncan's younger cousin. He sticks close to Duncan after the death of his parents.

  • Feh Askelon

    King of Nysa. One of the most influential and knowledgeable people in Mu.

  • Isis

    The Queen of Askadel. 

    She finds a likeness in Akira.

  • Ignis Fortuna

    One of the rare triplets in Mu. Queen of Tir Na Nog.

  • Ignis Fortis

    The most outgoing of the Ignis triplets. Has a special bond with Kyou.

  • Ignis Firmus

    The quiet triplet. Although introverted, he exhibits a gentle nature in spite of his obvious physical superiority.

  • Sisera

    Council member and right hand to the Council Leader.

  • Grim

    A creature of myth. A single Grim speaks for all Grim as they share one mind.

  • Emolie

    A spirit pact with Chi.

  • Lin Shaer

    A high ranking reaper with an attitude. She is known for her gift with potions.

  • Vem Bethshan

    A secretive but powerful Ancient with the rare ability to puppeteer.

  • Fate

    A unique Doll created for the High Prince Kyou. She is the furture High Queen of Mu.

  • Abyssus

    A Doll created to help maintain the stability of its counterpart, Fate.

  • Caeles Hero

    The son of Liulfr and Elaine. The last natural born Caeles.

Book 0: The Dead Queen  


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Series Commentary

Yin and Yang’s Grims’ Truth will most likely turn into THE series to watch out for.

Alicia C. Smock

What just happened?! This series is crazy in the best way. I'm not sure which end is up or down but I love the twists and turns. Each book takes you deeper into their world. Every time I think I've got it down I get slapped with a new realization. Can't say I've read anything quite like it-- addicted for sure.

Sarah Anne

Dark and upsetting and oh so intriguing. A mixture of cultures clashing and a sense of mystery. What a unique story. Part GOT, part Dune, part Haunting of Hill House but based in a psychological thriller. I NEED to know what happened. How did this mess start? This series hurts so good.


Grims' Truth is a rapid and on-going story full of mysteries, world-building, and diverse characters. Rota Fortunae is only the first of the epic fantasy series and it develops a strong foundation for the complex story that is beginning to unfold. 

The plot focuses a lot on the characters, their perspectives, and the massive universe that is evolving around them. It starts off at a pace that allows you to gain your footing before launching you into the world, or rather... worlds, that the authors designed. 

It's hard to predict what'll happen next and the characters have a way of defying expectation. Overall, it seems like a very exciting starts to a massive and highly philosophical story.

 The air of mystery still lingers even when you get a few crumbs. The questions that arise after a few discoveries will entice you towards the next book and to even reread what you've already gone through. It is thought provoking, morally questioning to our own nature and challenges the perception of what we believe. All of that increases with each additional book. It's unlike anything I've read before. I urge anyone who's looking for something different, yet with frightful strings of familiarity, to pick up this series and give it a chance because the journey it will take you on is, in fact, worth it.


"This book immerses the reader in the power of language, the molding of interspecies attitudes, and the daunting task of taking charge of one’s future. It will make you think deeply about culture in general!"

Corine Ann Barnes

"I was not expecting to become so hooked on a series so quickly. I read a lot. Like hundreds of books and I've never come across a series so addicting as Grims Truth. I thought I knew epic fantasies from growing up with Harry potter and reading Lord of the Rings. This brings it to a whole different level. Not only are there multiple universes, different locations, and dark and mysterious plots but the characters are what stole my vote. They are so well written and each has there own personality with there own story to tell. Not just a throw away character. And some you might think play no part, actually had a huge deal to do with what was going on!"


"After reading this story, it really made me think. I thought it was a mix of fantasy with a splash of fairy tale mixed in. I found it surprisingly addicting and different. Once I finished the first chapter I had to keep reading to see what happened to Fate and what was really going on. I thought there were good guys and bad guys and terrible people I liked to hate. Just a wildly different story. Plus it was amazing what Fate had to learn and I really wanted to know what her destiny would be and what paths she would choose. A few twists were here and there and never quite knew what would come next. I received an advance copy and liked it. Cannot wait to see what happens next. I expect to be surprised."


Samuel D

"I really enjoyed reading this amazing story! It was more than I could ask for! The way the author(s) draw you in with how the characters are being described and how they interact with each other in such a diverse way."

Ian M.

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