Time Based 


How Time Works in Euphoria

An introduction to time in Grims' Truth. 


Brief explanation of what fractures are and what they mean in the story.

Universal Laws

Things to remember while reading anything pertaining to space-time.

The Lord of Time

The brief description of the Lord of Time and how they affect the plot of Grims' Truth.

Time in Euphoria

If you're a reader, then you've probably already noticed that time in Euphoria differs from that on Earth. 

In fact, Time didn't exist prior to the creation of the Mortal Realms. Most traditionalists still treat it with disregard and will go as far as to ban clocks. 

These practices are common in Thule given that so much of the remaining pure blood Ancients live there. 

Additionally, the existence of time elementals means that like most other things, time is subjective and the more it's tampered with, the more unpredicatable the results. 

These facts within the story change the plot significantly, as the way it unfolds relies heavily on alterations through time and space. 

Within the 60 book plot, we visit two timelines, each necessary for the end game. 

This creates routes within the story as we move along. 

Time isn't linear and, therefore, neither is our storytelling. 



A fracture is a period or place in space and time that has shattered due to a powerful soul facing trauma or indecision. 

The presence of a fracture means that the individual who has caused it is torn between multiple paths either by resistance to the original timeline or a desire to change the present outcome. 


Generally speaking, a being must possess the prowess of a Lord or higher to cause such a massive disruption in the Universe. 


This trait is more common in time elementals. 

A fracture is responsible for creating routes within the story or timeline and it's considered a severe universal glitch. 

However, Rogue Lords and Grim have been known to intentionally alter and shatter space-time for personal gain. 


Universal Laws

1) There is no linear time in Grims' Truth. The publication/release order and writing order differ from the chronological order. However, within the confines of the Mortal Realms, even Etheral Beings must abide by time-based laws. Note: Time Elementals are an exception, but they still have rules and laws. Continue reading for more information. 

2) It is illegal to reverse someone's death. i.e: if a time elemental watched their peer die and tried to undo it, this would send out a universal signal that would result in immediate erasure.  

3) A being that has been erased will fall into what is referred to as the Ripples of Time, not to be confused with Echoes.  The meaning behind this terminology is essentially that once a being has been erased, it takes time for the ripple to move throughout all of space and time, hence that being begins to try and escape the inevitable. This is especially common with Time Elementals who have broken laws and use their ability to jump and hide between fragments of time. However, accidentally jumping into the wrong fragment can also lead to immediate erasure. 


The Lord of Time

The Lord of Time is the sole exception to the rules listed above, as they possess the ability to move, manipulate, and bend time at will. 

In addition, they possess the ability to do the same with space.

They are, in fact, capable of reversing time, wounds, death, and other illegal activities. However, doing so will often still raise the awareness of the Watchers and the Voice of the Universe. 

Their ability to bend and manipulate space also allots the ability to move through mirrors as a form of teleporation/transportation. 

This ability allows full dimensional travel, the ability to clone oneself, and the ability to completely mold space-time. Once again, however, even for a Lord, this requires a tremendous amount of energy and is a legal cause for erasure, depending on how its used.