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Time in Euphoria

Time in Euphoria

  • Time isn't linear in Euphoria

  • Grims' Truth follows two timelines or routes 

  • Tampering with time involves variables

  • Bending time to alter life or death is illegal

Image by Warren Umoh

Time in Euphoria is more like a double-helix than a straight line. 

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Fractures in Time and Space

A fracture is a period or place in space and time that split into multiple routes/paths.


The Cause: A powerful individual is torn between multiple paths or decisions in time. They must have a strong desire to resist or change the events of the present. 

The Result: When a fracture occurs, the 'present' timeline is split into two routes. 

For example:

Route A is the 'present' timeline. 

The fracture occurs.

Now, both Routes A and B exist, and both lead to different futures. 

Universal Laws

It is illegal to reverse someone's death. e.g. if a time elemental watched their peer die and tried to undo it, this would send out a universal signal that would result in immediate erasure.  

A being that has been erased will fall into what is referred to as the Ripples of Time, not to be confused with Echoes. 

This means that once a being has been erased, it takes time for the ripple to move throughout all of space and time. Often, the person sentenced begins to try and escape the inevitable erasure.


This is especially common with Time Elementals who have broken laws and use their ability to jump and hide between fragments of time. However, accidentally jumping into the wrong fragment can also lead to immediate erasure. 

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Echoes are caused by traumatic events in a soul's life. When that soul has witnessed something in one of their lives or even another timeline, the memory of that event will course all throughout time and space, striking that soul with the terrible memory even if they've forgotten.

Image by Ave Calvar

Ripples of Time

The Ripples of Time are the pulses that course through time and space carrying a timeless sentence like those given by the Watchers. Higher beings are tasked to oversee all of the Universe and so their abilities transcend that of time and space. 

It was given this name as a reference to a stone creating ripples in the water. As no matter where something occurs or when, the sentence will ripple out to every version of that person and follow them.

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