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Mayuri must face the past in order to protect the future of Mu. All mortals are in peril as he masquerades as the highly sought after Doll, Wiser. He hopes to uncover the true villain that upset the Balance but he frets as to what it may cost.

He ventures behind enemy lines to protect the future and last Guardian. 

If he fails his mission, one small girl will become their only hope.


Book 5: Wiser

Character Guide

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On this page, you will find a guide of characters throughout Book 5: Wiser. Click the READ MORE button to see full renders and character details.

Batu Naro


Ignis Bastet

Midden Askelon


Shoni Oreb Dibon

The Sweepers

Vem Amaimon

Amana Duncan

Council Leader

Iu Navarriel

Ra Bildad


The Wiser

Wiser's Doll

Amana Lior Yamanu

Callidae Haylel

Ea'Anat Isis


Riyah Senti

Shinka Mayuri

Tamar Ibai Levia

Ur Akito

Book 5: Wiser


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